An Alpha's Rejection,

An Alpha's Rejection,

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Amber By Cliquemate Updated Jan 03, 2017

I DO NOT SUGGEST READING THIS.  honestly it's shit but Idk when I'll stop forgetting to work on it.  read it if you wanna thooo

Have you ever felt the pain of being rejected?  Because it fucking sucks.  Trust me.  You don't want to go through it.

Nice to meet you.  My name is Max, and my mate rejected me.  He's an asshole though, so I mean.  It's not as bad.  Anyways, feel free to follow along with my horrendous tale of mate-ship.  


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WolfGirl_13 WolfGirl_13 Feb 15
Luciano...... you hurt our baby wolf we will hunt you down. By we, I mean the fandom. What fandom? Protect-Max-Fandom. If you dare hurt our little cinnamonroll, you're surely going to face hell! :D
liskyfox liskyfox Apr 17
Rip I didn’t come for the homophobia plot I just wanted to not picture girls cause I’m not attracted to them like that 😭 I wish it had more actual other issues rather than them just being the same sex. All of us come for it so why do it like this 😓
WolfGirl_13 WolfGirl_13 Feb 15
Awh hell yeah!! Can I just say I love you? I love you so freakin' much! Thank you fora accepting your son!
liskyfox liskyfox Apr 17
So many bullies in these kind of stories ☹️does anyone come here for the bullies in their fiction
pinkyellow20 pinkyellow20 Feb 03, 2016
An upside down cross is the sign of the devil his shirt has an upside down cross on it
orkey1226 orkey1226 Aug 04, 2016
Awwwwww!!!! THATS the definition of a good parent, living their child no matter what😊 
                              Good job author-chan!