An Alpha's Rejection,

An Alpha's Rejection,

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It hurt.

Hope. That was all I asked for, but all ideas of that shattered when my mate rejected me in front of a third of the school. You know what, I'll make this easier on you, and start from the beginning.

I, an omega by the name of Maximilian Black, the fifth son of the late Beta of my old pack, Hugo Black, whose alpha had died in battle, with no sons to take care of the pack that I used to be part of. None of my siblings had been strong enough to take on the pack, leaving us to disband and all go different ways, leaving my siblings and I, along with a few other members of our pack to join another pack, known as the Silverhearts, where my alpha mate rejected me.


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An upside down cross is the sign of the devil his shirt has an upside down cross on it
orkey1226 orkey1226 Aug 04
Awwwwww!!!! THATS the definition of a good parent, living their child no matter what😊 
                              Good job author-chan!
This won't repeat again right? :( it took half of the words or somethin...
I think I have enough siblings.... 8 brothers....and 4 or 5 sister....and in the baby of all of them.....its sucks...
Mello3 Mello3 Mar 06
I taught since the Alpha of there old pack die and there father was the bata he would be the Alpha being has their Alpha have no sons
If he's your mate, doesn't that make you gay too, or like...?