Cinderella's Converse

Cinderella's Converse

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Cindy Ella Cornwell is a collector. A shoe collector to be exact. But not the shoe collecting every woman does but Converse collecting. Cindy has every single color to pattern of every Converse she could possibly buy. 

Charlie Mendi is a famous socialite. He throws the best of the best party's. He is known for being an amazing host and also a mommy loving rich boy.

Cindy's best friend Gus convinces her to go to one of Charlie's parties and she soon gives in. Gus being the fashion diva he is makes Cindy wear her most expensive pair of Converses. 

What happens when the Cinderella story gets recreated, but with a twist.

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nerdslovetocuddle nerdslovetocuddle Aug 28, 2017
This book was amazing but im not gonna lie i do have Nothing to read but i dont mind rr this book😍❤❤❤💕💕
ashion_potato ashion_potato May 31, 2016
and no one realizes that the name cindy is like ciderella. ok.
louis_topsss louis_topsss Jan 29, 2017
Actually I'm reading this the second time because it was such a good book.
oBsEsSiVe___ oBsEsSiVe___ Jul 25, 2016
I just got new Converse but I'm not aloud to wear them until school starts >:(
SeanMcLoughlin_Trash SeanMcLoughlin_Trash Dec 05, 2016
True true, I have at least 20+ books that I've read on here... I only read the good ones...😉😉
soccerplayerrrrrr soccerplayerrrrrr Jan 25, 2016
You know what they say, always save the best for last😉☺❤