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The Fox and the Alpha

The Fox and the Alpha

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RD By RyleeDeWolfe Updated Apr 14, 2016

Finch POV~

        I pull my mouth back into a snarl as camera flash after camera flash went off, some people even let their kids slam their dirty little hands on the glass barrier between me and them.

        I lunged at the glass, slamming against it will all my force to get them to go away, I did it over and over till they left out of fear.

        After they left I trotted back to the corner of my 'den' and laywed down but was disturbed only a few minutes later.

        I lifted my head up and saw a boy about my age with light brown messy hair and blue eyes holding hands with a little boy that looked just like him but a smaller version.

        Slowly, I made my way over to the glass and look at them curiously.

        "Foxy!" the little boy squealed and pressed his hands against the glass.

        I sat down and lifted my paw up and pawed his hand through the glass and he let out a giggle.

        "He likes me!" he jumps up and down.

        I stomp my paw to give him the...

Anna_Sparkle Anna_Sparkle Feb 26, 2016
It's funny to know that 'I' was a fox. They're animal hey! And then, will the girl "fox" fallin' in love?
                              Good djob, keep it UP
DemonsTookOver DemonsTookOver Oct 02, 2015
Yes... Foxy the pirate :D I'm a stupid fan girl... Don't mind me XS
Deliquio Deliquio Aug 27, 2015
The-Wolf-Prey The-Wolf-Prey Jun 15, 2015
Is it wierd that even before seeing this sentence I literally cocked my head to the side as I was like A FOX WOULD DO DAT and then I turned the page and I was like I AM OFFICIALLY A FUTURE READER SEER PERSON
randomcupcake1 randomcupcake1 Mar 18, 2015
OMG I love your story please update!!!!!! I'm begging you !!!!!!