The Wrong Alice (BxB)

The Wrong Alice (BxB)

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XxNekocoxX By XxNekocoxX Completed

Alice has hated his name since the second he learned it was his. Plus, it just makes him look more like girl than he already does. One day he gets a note to meet at a secret garden maze he never knew was even in his small city. He goes only to find himself pushed down a large rabbit hole. When he opens his eyes he sees a completely different world. He meets Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Mouse and Cheshire Cat. He is told he must defeat the Queen of Hearts if he is to go home. Can he really do it?

This is a Yaoi story so if you don't like that please don't read. If you do read it, don't hate or judge.


Insanely_Dead Insanely_Dead Nov 10, 2016
I also want a name change. But my mom is a bit homophobic. I don't want this long girly name! Even if I change my name to Trevor when I'm old enough she's going to hat it.
Wriiae Wriiae Oct 24, 2016
I have a girls name and I look like a girl so I just pretend to be one
kellicsboners kellicsboners 5 days ago
Stupid ass people lmao. That's like a stranger saying they have candy.
EnvyInBlue EnvyInBlue Dec 26, 2016
Im thinking of the manga (not sure if it's an anime or not) Boku girl.
If I was him, I'd stop, look at my phones signal service and depending on it I'd either use the signal, realize I can't contact ppl and stay in one place(like under the table), or use my tablet while staying under the table. Someone would have to get me if they wanted me out
*reads without a thought*
                              *suddenly realizes* the Alice in wonderland story is black mail!(especially when the Alice is pushed)
                              *goes back to reading calmly*