The Wrong Alice (BxB)

The Wrong Alice (BxB)

105K Reads 5.7K Votes 40 Part Story
Melanie Eberheart By XxNekocoxX Completed

Alice has hated his name since the second he learned it was his. Plus, it just makes him look more like girl than he already does. One day he gets a note to meet at a secret garden maze he never knew was even in his small city. He goes only to find himself pushed down a large rabbit hole. When he opens his eyes he sees a completely different world. He meets Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Mouse and Cheshire Cat. He is told he must defeat the Queen of Hearts if he is to go home. Can he really do it?

This is a Yaoi story so if you don't like that please don't read. If you do read it, don't hate or judge.


  • adventure
  • boyxboy
  • fantasy
  • humor
  • yaoi
FudanshixBoi FudanshixBoi Dec 22, 2017
Now if we just switched the T to the end of ea : Eat Party; and we take out of context what theyll be eating.
                              Rape Party
Timed-Gear Timed-Gear Apr 04
Woman it is a name, but still I don't think u should change it.
Woah, it's only the first chapter and i'm already in love with this book!😍😍
If I lived in that house my eyes would be worse than they are (I have sensitive eyes when it comes to color. I can't even look at a blank sheet of pure white paper when the sun hits it)
soulfire746 soulfire746 Feb 17
Shittttt you better be lucky to have that name. Besides anyone I know or just met can barely pronounced it.
FudanshixBoi FudanshixBoi Dec 22, 2017
OKAY! Who on earth studies for two hours straight willingly without having a coming exam?