The Wrong Alice (BxB)

The Wrong Alice (BxB)

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XxNekocoxX By XxNekocoxX Completed

Alice has hated his name since the second he learned it was his. Plus, it just makes him look more like girl than he already does. One day he gets a note to meet at a secret garden maze he never knew was even in his small city. He goes only to find himself pushed down a large rabbit hole. When he opens his eyes he sees a completely different world. He meets Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Mouse and Cheshire Cat. He is told he must defeat the Queen of Hearts if he is to go home. Can he really do it?

This is a Yaoi story so if you don't like that please don't read. If you do read it, don't hate or judge.


GayIstOkayz GayIstOkayz Apr 17
No one does it sounds stupid and i cant moan that sound well without laughing my ass off when you try to see why i cant
So sad, they can't fix the mistake the made around 16 years ago. That's why your birth certificate has an apology from a condom factory on it.
Has he ever heard of the story Alice in the Wonderland.....can't he connect??😒😕
So the the rabbit is albino? Oh and hurry up and start getting gayer.
*looks around*
                              What people?
                               All I see are fan girls and fan boys
GayIstOkayz GayIstOkayz Apr 17
Okay mom im gonna go have tea with my pedophile stalkers from my childhood see you when i lose my virginity...... wait that only be 10 minutes