Water and Fire Make Steam (Perleo, Percy x Leo)

Water and Fire Make Steam (Perleo, Percy x Leo)

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(WARNING: This is badly written , I wrote it when I was in the 8th grade. A lot of things are inaccurate and don't make sense. And so many grammar errors. You have been warned)

Leo thought he was over his crush on the macho man Jason, but obviously not, saying as when he finds out that that boy is engaged to the on and only Nico di Angelo, it still hurts.

So Percy, his best friend with a huge crush on a certain someone, is there to help him get over it. And with a few other things..

Character s are not mine, they are Rick Riordan's

boy x boy don't like don't read

-long intestines and strangle u with them, then after I'll use them as a jump rope
SandyFiWee SandyFiWee Jul 02
Waist* I don't want to sound picky but I've reread this like five thousand times and this bothers me XD I'm so OCD that it's not even funny ;-;
Wait, I didn't know they could fly (sorry float) I thought they could just shoot rainbows out of their hands (which is totally awesome) iris is like the ultimate god (or goddess, can't remember) why doesn't everybody want to have iris as a parent
gabesbutt gabesbutt Jul 25
*sighs at the people commenting about will like did you not read the first chapter*
Leo is always shirtless in this fic and I am not there to see him...
                              I GUESS IT'S ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY
                              MABEY BECAUSE OF THE WAY OF I WALK
                              MAKES THEM I LIKE BOYS
                              *piano solo*