Water and Fire Make Steam (Perleo, Percy x Leo)

Water and Fire Make Steam (Perleo, Percy x Leo)

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(WARNING: This is badly written , I wrote it when I was in the 8th grade. A lot of things are inaccurate and don't make sense. And so many grammar errors. You have been warned)

Leo thought he was over his crush on the macho man Jason, but obviously not, saying as when he finds out that that boy is engaged to the on and only Nico di Angelo, it still hurts.

So Percy, his best friend with a huge crush on a certain someone, is there to help him get over it. And with a few other things..

Character s are not mine, they are Rick Riordan's

boy x boy don't like don't read

Everyone's gay I love it all we need now is theyna and it will be perfect
- - Dec 20, 2016
Okay I love Percabeth but I lowkey ship Piper and Annabeth..... Whose tops?
SandyFiWee SandyFiWee Jul 02, 2016
Waist* I don't want to sound picky but I've reread this like five thousand times and this bothers me XD I'm so OCD that it's not even funny ;-;
overdramatic-fangirl overdramatic-fangirl Oct 15, 2016
                              crush: I'm not wearing a shirt. 
                              Me:I LIKE UR NIPPLES.
- - Dec 20, 2016
Im sowwy but I ship Solangelo..... I see Nico and Jason as best friend's and the only person who can make him happy if he was upset if Will wasn't there. I feel as if their realtionship is completely platonic. But then again that's my opinion . :)
                              PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!
taniyaw6657 taniyaw6657 Aug 14, 2016
Now he knows how it feels when people have crushes on them but he doesn't know