The Wild Ones

The Wild Ones

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Rebecca Cousins By MaddsCousins Updated Jan 14, 2015

I froze when I saw the dark figure. He—it was definitely male—stood at the entrance of the clearing
opposite to me, chest heaving. The air grew hotter and I wiped my bangs back. 

“Oh god,” I said and gasped. I clutched my shirt, pulling the fabric from sticky skin. He was much taller than me—at least 6’3”. “Oh god.” He strolled forward and I arched my back, attempting to get away. 
His features were sharp with delicate lips and eyes a darkness I had never encountered. He was lean with broad shoulders and muscles flexed underneath his white t-shirt. I knew I couldn't take him.

He was one of them.

He was a giant.

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KoaluBearz7 KoaluBearz7 Aug 04, 2017
They're so dumb, why would that make her steal something valuable to them if they knew the giants were gonna get mad? Are they trying to die?
FinallyInfinite FinallyInfinite Jul 26, 2016
You can't say coming out of the closet without it sounding gay
fkahazel fkahazel Dec 22, 2014
I think from this point and earlier on you need to really build more of a setting and establishing prominent features of characters so the reader won't forget them. I'm a huge fan of Vein of Love and I can say I love how you incorporate mythology within your stories.