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That Italian Smile (manxman) *Completed*

That Italian Smile (manxman) *Completed*

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Love has no gender. By tampamanatee Completed

Nikolai "Niki" Jasper just got left at the altar from his girlfriend of eight years. 
He keeps seeming to run into a certain Italian fashion designer, Leo Mattucci. 
Why does Niki feel strange around the tall Italian? 
What happens when he accepts a job from him? 
Will Leo make Niki feel better after his recent breakdown, or will Niki feel so confused he runs away from Leo all together?

Joanneb15 Joanneb15 Jan 28, 2016
Wow talk about a female dog. Money ain't every thing.  Poor Niki :(
rain45p rain45p Jan 26
Why everybody on him for no reason he's a sweet guy 😭😭
The description says she leaves him at the altar, so he spent a lot of money on the wedding I'm guessing, that's tough
geekiechicforall13 geekiechicforall13 Nov 01, 2016
I am so nervous and I don't wether I want her to say yes or no!
geekiechicforall13 geekiechicforall13 Nov 01, 2016
                              His friends can definitely tell that Leo was flirting with Nikki right?
Because something is missing. Do you love her? If so are you IN love with her?