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What are you? | Phan& Kickthestickz | vampires

What are you? | Phan& Kickthestickz | vampires

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SAMM.I.E By skellyhart Updated Jan 08, 2015

Basically everyone in the fantastic four is vampires except Dan.
Phil meets Dan in a dark ally way and his vampire side screams blood mate.
He only has three months to tell Dan otherwise phil will painfully die.

This is the first book guys my part system wasn't loading so im doing in again!
Love you all and be supportive first fanfic bye!
(:Sammie out:)

                              "Mum I'm gay."
                              "Ew no get out."
                              "But mum, you're also gay."
                              *mum hugging other mum* "I don't care get out. Ew"
hentaianimemaniac101 hentaianimemaniac101 Apr 13, 2016
You... mean... HomoPHOBIC ..right? Bc... that ... would be hypocritical
slurpyismyname slurpyismyname Mar 30, 2016
Oh ya I totally come out to a random person i just met
                              Except for I'm not gay (maybe I am idk)
phandefensesquad phandefensesquad Mar 17, 2016
his parents are homosexual and hate gay people
                              "mums... I'm gay"
                              "I DID NOT RAISE A FAG AS A SON"
                              "YOU ARE GETTING KICKED OUT THIS INSTANT" *swooshes boa*
                              "B-but mums... you're gay as well"
                              "nO BUTS GTFO QUEER" *passionate making out*
KatSaysHello KatSaysHello Mar 07, 2016
My mind is exploding I don't under stand what any of this is like who's Phil's mate? Is Dan living with them or Phil just found Dan
sskybluehands sskybluehands Sep 26, 2016
"Mom, I'm gay."
                              "EW NO ITS NoT rIgHt!!!1!"
                              "Mom, you're a lesbian..."
                              "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"