Hey Bro... (One Direction FanFiction)

Hey Bro... (One Direction FanFiction)

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Daisy May By DazzaMay Completed

What would you do if you woke up one day, and your 'parents' told you you were adopted?

That's what happened to 13-year-old Gracie Bell.

This ordinary, school girl from West Sussex, England gets her life turned upside down. Determined to find her true family, Gracie sets out on her mad journey full of laughs, loves and tears.

Lol5435788 Lol5435788 Apr 20
Good I wish that happened to me maybe I could be related to Nialler (I'm not adopted)
I would've started crying and screaming "MY LIFE IS COMPLETE, OMG ITS COMPLETE!"
"All I can say is that you're family live in Mu-"
                              ME: YASSSSS
theshoebox theshoebox Jul 01
Your thoughts are mean, mine are unexplainable. If people heard them, I would be put in a mental hospital.... :)
Nani6700 Nani6700 Apr 19
why was she so hyper, this story jus immediately took off, and no one else questions this?
Well, I live in Ireland anyway but Mullingar is just the best place in the world!