Bioshock FanFic (Big Brother Intro)

Bioshock FanFic (Big Brother Intro)

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ClockworkZero By ClockworkZero Updated Jun 05, 2010

Camera views over Rapture the sound of a violin playing over the sounds of the ocean.

Camera moves closer and closer until it moves through a window and into a wide open room that looks like it used to be a dance hall.

A man dressed in a big daddy suit stands in the center of the room playing a violin, the Rosie helmet laying next to him on the floor.

As the camera moves around him the area is transformed into Rapture at it's prime with the man standing in the center of the room playing his violin and everyone watching in awe.

Suddenly a violin string snaps and the world is reverted to Rapture, 1969. The man stands looking forlorn at his violin with a single glowing yellow eye his entire face wrapped in bandages only his hair which is pure silver not covered by them.

Tennenbam's voice: "Before the little ones. Before the Big Daddy's, there was him. My child. The first male test subject for the slug. It did not react like it did with the little ones. Instead it decayed the tissue a...