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Remember Me(book 2)

Remember Me(book 2)

65.7K Reads 3.5K Votes 20 Part Story
Cassie Lowry By Casualty_Of_Love Updated May 02

"A long time has gone by since then, an I've excepted the fact it might be time to let go and move on."
Two years have passed and at the ripe age of 20, Saphryn Williams doesn't remember anything besides the distant recollection of someone calling her Sphills; the name she has now chosen to go by. As she endures the struggles as a woman to overcome the society of strangers, she has yet to figure out who she is.
Known for losing her memory and refusing to believe that she came from nowhere, she sets out on a quest to dig deeper into her past, but what does happen if she regains her memory?
Was there a reason that she lost it in the first place and no one still hasn't come forward?
What happens when she starts waking up, remembering who she is? and how is she to react when her past comes knocking on her door way before she realizes it?
Will she be ready?
Will she be able to overcome the hardships? Both relational and emotional?

CrayCray582 CrayCray582 Aug 17, 2015
noooooo the baby i no it was going to a boy when u mentioned in previous author. note
pulis57 pulis57 Jun 07, 2015
so sad that the baby boy was lost? 
                              they expected her to grow old with the boy! 
NerdHerd3333 NerdHerd3333 May 26, 2015
This like the third book I have read that has killed a baby!!! Its sad 
mhyccatotsx mhyccatotsx Dec 28, 2014
oohhh..i very very love your story..i cant wait the next updating it..i hope blaze and spills be togEther again..and how blaze sourvive his death.and how spills lost her memmory..pls update it fast..happy holliday to you
JamieRoberts2 JamieRoberts2 Dec 26, 2014
Happy holidays! It's really sad that she lost the baby! I wonder if her and Blaze will be together again and how he is going to take the news of her losing the baby!!!!
DeeCutie168 DeeCutie168 Dec 24, 2014
Will her and blaze be together again and will have have a next child?