Future Tales: A Collection of Ten Science Fiction Stories

Future Tales: A Collection of Ten Science Fiction Stories

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Deborah Walker By DeborahWalker7 Updated Mar 02, 2015

Ten very short science fiction stories by Deborah Walker. Now a featured collection on Wattpad. 

First Foot: What will the New Year bring when you're a very long way from home?
Aunty Merkel: Aunty Merkel never brings a present to a wedding; she brings 
something better

Glass Future: How do you live when you know the future?

- - Jan 04, 2016
A short, but efficiently told story, right to the point, Deborah! The style reminds me a bit of Richard Matheson's short stories, which also often use not a lot of unnecessary descriptions, but keep the text flowing and make a great point, plus it's entertaining. Well written!
- - Jan 04, 2016
"You can't force us to enjoy ourselves." - Well put there. Cool stuff!
CoraFoerstner CoraFoerstner Oct 06, 2015
Great story. Nice twist:  we entertain ourselves with reality shows where people fight, bicker, and plot against each other; the aliens entertain themselves with people playing happy cultural roles.
SlikSilver SlikSilver Sep 14, 2015
at first you had me thinking Truman Show, then it sort of turned into dystopian society but with aliens. if you haven't seen the jim carrey movie the Truman Show, watch it, it's a great movie
samhill00 samhill00 Sep 08, 2015
Liked the haiku brevity.  "Old Langs Syne" ...thought it was (maybe is) an alternative spelling, perhaps the "y" distracted me.  A compelling story.
DevMac10 DevMac10 Sep 01, 2015
You mean we celebrate for someone's sick entertainment? How is that even entertaining?