His Lingering Touch #WATTYS2016

His Lingering Touch #WATTYS2016

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My heart was pounding in my chest so hard that I thought it was going to rip out any minute now as I stared back at the man I thought I had once loved with all my heart. Pain burst through me as I thought about that morning. 

He still looked the same except his gorgeous blue eyes that once held a mischief  glint in them now were dark and empty. 

As if he were missing something. 

"Jordan...Jordan Raine," Jason breathed, "all these years I've been searching for you and now here you are..."

I gulped and tightened my grip on Ariel's small hand as he took in my features and then his eyes slowly travelled down to the little girl who was eating her ice-cream as if nothing was wrong. I needed to get out of here before this volcano erupts.

"Look it was nice seeing you again Mr. Black but I've got somewhere to be-"

I was cut off as arms wrapped around my waist and I was pulled back into a hard chest, "Baby, there is no chance I am letting you go this time; I've searched too hard and long for you."

Jordan Raine's life was as normal as any university student's life could get until a man with blue piercing eyes comes waltzing into her life or more like classroom and turns her average life into a screaming roller coaster ride and then all of a sudden the rails are breaking and she's flying off head first into the ground.

They say love only happens once but what if the first time was because fate was being a moody bitch on her period?

Warning: Rated R for language and sexual content. 

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DaineBourque DaineBourque Dec 21, 2017
Lmao I saw the book cover anf literally thought: "Wow. Kinky."
letmezayn letmezayn Dec 02, 2016
So these people really called her a freak, all because she decided to isolate herself after her TWIN's death?? wow 
                              I'm a twin also, and I can't even begin to imagine her pain...☹️️
ArtificialPanda ArtificialPanda Feb 25, 2017
Would love it if you don't mention the cast on plain sight. It kind of ruined my imagination
berriefairy berriefairy May 03, 2016
a very light and u know quick but light pace intro.....like its real good...no elaboration or too quick just right
xomisha xomisha Dec 17, 2014
Ian is such a hottie ohmyyy<3____<3 Him being Jason makes me ten times more excited. This was so good, can't wait for more xx
Blazin_Blues Blazin_Blues Dec 16, 2014
Hehe! Awesome! Thanks for publishing a book after A Taste of Sweet Ecstasy :3 I didn't know what to do with my life when I finished it, and now I do :D