Engaged to a Stranger

Engaged to a Stranger

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"What do you mean I'm engaged?" I asked incredulously. "There's no freaking way I'm-"

"Read it again." The lawyer in front of me says and I squint my eyes at him as I pick the stupid sheet of paper up and read it as he says, but I can't find it. The man sighs before speaking. "Number 9, sub-clause 7-d: I solemnly agree to a sworn promise of celibacy and to-"

"Marry the man liable for my educational and living expenses..." I finish off. "Oh you've got to be kidding me, it's in the fine print!" I exclaim and the lawyer smirks at me.

"Unfortunately Mr. A, does not wish to disclose any further information. But please enjoy your stay." The lawyer says and I squint my eyes at him.

"Mr. A?" I asked and the man grins.

"Stands for Mr. Anonymous. Has a nice ring to it, no?" The lawyer says and I fume as he packs up his suitcase.


Darcy Bleu was your average high school graduate who was desperate for a way into her dream university. After finding her "dream" scholarship on an online newsletter, Darcy finds herself signing away and travelling to a new country- only to find that she'd been completely fooled. The scholarship covered everything she would need- she just didn't see one little thing coming- getting engaged to a total stranger.

A/N: Just to make things more colorful, all of Darcy's outfits and my location inspirations are in every chapter. ;) Enjoy.

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ventdog ventdog Sep 23, 2017
First test, First speech & readings do. School is a never ending circle.
Winter787 Winter787 Jan 09
Omg. Both of my parents are teachers and we live right behind the school yard
SheWolfz SheWolfz Mar 19, 2016
NOTHING COME FREE money don't fall from the tree's. LMFAO poor her....LMFAO
malikhaingwriter malikhaingwriter May 26, 2016
I decided to read so I could temporarily forget about academics.. and I.. you.. 😭
blisfvlll blisfvlll Sep 08, 2016
All I have to say is that out of all the arranged marriage stories I've read this seems like the the least cliche one and its just a really ingenious idea and I can't wait to read it
SheWolfz SheWolfz Mar 19, 2016
LMFAO you don't just signed without reading it first. She hasn't even finished it. LMFAO it's like selling your soul already without knowing the concepts. LMFAO