The Mating Games #Wattys2015 [COMPLETED]

The Mating Games #Wattys2015 [COMPLETED]

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-Dominic's P.O.V-

"Dom man, I think I found out who I am going to be mating in the mating games this year." Greyson Kane said as we ran laps around the school track together.

"Really? Who?" I asked, panting heavily as I tried to keep up with his beastly running pace on a breaking record hot day.

"Star Raynes." He replied and I choked on my spit, my pace slowling to a jog as I tried to figure out why he would choose her instead of his high school sweetheart who he'd been in love with since he laid eyes on her. Rumor has it that she felt the same, so what happened?

"Star Raynes?" I asked hesistantly and he nodded. His gaze shifting to the sun above us in avoidance as I glared murderously at him.

"Star Raynes...the bestfriend of my childhood rival?" I growled lowely and he groaned in frustration.

"Yes. You have a problem with that?" He hissed in defense, throwing his hands up in the air in annoyance.

Ticked off by his disrespectful question I reached into his lane and grabbed the e...

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unknown_paradise unknown_paradise Apr 10, 2017
Well damn, what happened to your heart? Did you ripe it out, blend it up, and then drink it for breakfast?