Best Served Cold

Best Served Cold

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Dream_big96 By Dream_big96 Completed

They say Payback is a dish best severed cold. But is it really the best way to do it?

Mia Sears thought she had it all, a loving fiancé, her dream job and friends she would trust with her life, her only troubles were how to deal with demands of her new client, the rich and o-so handsome billionaire Jordan Wilder. Little did she know that's when it all changed...

With her life taking a different turn she finds herself in unfamiliar territory and with a very unfamiliar benefactor. Mia's new situation leads her to test the 'best served cold' theroy as her payback methods get a little... hot, cold, coloured, sticky and just damn right embarrassing.

Packed with funny and sexy situations this book will be worth the read.

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  • love
  • payback
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  • revenge
i_have_ur_chocolate i_have_ur_chocolate Mar 04, 2017
I have eyes like that
                              They're hazel but sometimes seem more green with a hint of yellow and sometimes seem more brown 
                              They have orange flecks in them  and have an outer navy blue ring around the iris
luv2readtm luv2readtm Mar 07, 2016
You keep going back from past to present tense. I think you need to go back and correct. It's a great story so far with a promising plot.
rowseeyo rowseeyo Sep 23, 2016
I'm guilty of doing that with the fridge if only food did magically appear 😂😂😂😂😂😂
i_have_ur_chocolate i_have_ur_chocolate Mar 04, 2017
How can she know she's creative when she doesn't allow her to be creative in the first place?!
eva4242 eva4242 Feb 28, 2017
i swear he is the FIRST MALE CHARACTER in a romance novel ever who wants the heroine t flirt with other guys. like wtf!?!?!? Even the douche exes are protrayed as jealous guys
eva4242 eva4242 Feb 28, 2017
@dream_big96 finally a smart herione! the one who notices and questions his motives. usually they are totally oblivious! i am liking your book so far. the characters have thier own unique personanility