More Than Meets The Eye (DRRR!! Izuo)

More Than Meets The Eye (DRRR!! Izuo)

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NOT DEAD By BlackieTD Updated Sep 05

Izaya Orihara is just a simple teenage boy, who isn't really all that 'simple'. 
Moving from home to home can affect anyone, making them feel worthless, and in most cases - alone. Shizuo Heiwajima is the only one who can make Izaya Orihara feel 'happiness'.

WARNING: This fanfiction will cover some sensitive topics, such as: abuse, parent abuse, depression
(This fanfiction starts off with Izaya being abused by his father, having to move from home to home.)

*I edited two pictures in the cover photo together!
*The Izaya drawing in the cover photo is from the doujinshi called 'Reiyorki Renai'.
*I'm unsure of who drew the school classroom drawing in the cover!

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ShizaX07 ShizaX07 May 07
Oh god i havnt heard that song for so long, just reading the name makes me hear it in my head, its a very good song and i love it!