One Shots

One Shots

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So Cosmo By xx_smuttybanter_xx Updated Jun 14, 2016

"leave your fears behind, and come dance where all the naughty souls thrive"

Now, this is my very first time writing smut, so I have no clue how good I am at it and for all I know, this could all just be a huge waste of time. I apologize in advance for that.

But other than me declaring my lack of skill in writing, I hope you enjoy!:)


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- - Dec 13, 2017
I just keep imagining some creepy white guy looking through the window with binoculars and taking notes
CristineNovena CristineNovena Dec 26, 2017
At least she looked away an we aren't read 1000 word descriptions of his dick
*sprays everyone with a spray bottle of holy water* WE NEED THIS *dumps holy water on self*
lokifuckinglaufeyson lokifuckinglaufeyson Dec 30, 2017
Come to the dark side we have Loki Laufeyson, Kylo Ren, Draco Malfoy and cookies.
whymess whymess Jan 25
Did u see my bag it’s full of trophies and it’s HELLA THICC
eviee77 eviee77 Dec 30, 2017
How can there be privacy? Ur kinnda in the middle of SEX
                              But hey! Whatever floats ur boat sweetheart