Percy Jackson: Guardian of the Huntress

Percy Jackson: Guardian of the Huntress

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Guardian of the Huntress

The Guardians, and ancient order created by the gods with one purpose, one reason for existing. That reason? To protect the gods from their enemies. Each Guardian was assigned to and Olympian for life and was tasked with ensuring said Olympian's continued physical, mental, and emotional health. Such little information is known about the Guardians that mortals do not even know of them and demigods consider their existence to be a true myth. One of these Guardians, a son of Poseidon, was considered the greatest of all Guardians. A force to be reckoned with, the Guardian of Artemis, the Midnight Huntress with a silver bow, was nigh unstoppable.

His name was Perseus Jackson, and this is his story.

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Terruite Terruite Jul 13, 2017
Who killed him! I will find out and unleash my inner super sayain!😬😬😬😬😬
72JOON 72JOON Jun 04, 2017
Well, that was a great story! Let's go, guys-wait. There are more chapters?
You guys should get thosr coughs checked out because a lot of you are coughing
DatGuy1738 DatGuy1738 Apr 13, 2017
Percy: Waits until death to admit his love.
                              Anybody else: goes in guns a blazing as soon as possible to admit their love.
jennav12 jennav12 May 13, 2016
Hold on,didn't Zoe die? And Percy not? I like the plot twist
silently_queer silently_queer Dec 30, 2016
Faydee is a better singer than Justin beiber or how ever u spell his last name