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Percy Jackson: Guardian of the Huntress

Percy Jackson: Guardian of the Huntress

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Leonidas By Leonidas_son_of_Nike Updated Oct 07, 2016

(Currently Editing for Continuity and other such errors)

Guardian of the Huntress

The Guardians, and ancient order created by the gods with one purpose, one reason for existing. That reason? To protect the gods from their enemies. Each Guardian was assigned to and Olympian for life and was tasked with ensuring said Olympian's continued physical, mental, and emotional health. Such little information is known about the Guardians that mortals do not even know of them and demigods consider their existence to be a true myth. One of these Guardians, a son of Poseidon, was considered the greatest of all Guardians. A force to be reckoned with, the Guardian of Artemis, the Midnight Huntress with a silver bow, was nigh unstoppable.

His name was Perseus Jackson, and this is his story.

Faydee239 Faydee239 Dec 30, 2016
Faydee is a better singer than Justin beiber or how ever u spell his last name
thornjinx23905 thornjinx23905 Nov 01, 2016
Long ago,in a far away land in Ancient Greece, there was a golden age of powerful gods and extraordinary heroes. The greatest and the strongest of all these heroes, was the might y Hercules....
                              Any one who can guess the movie I just quoted is AWESOMENESS
Multiplelifes Multiplelifes Feb 28, 2016
I'm in the middle of a thunderstorm irl right now!!!! so YAY for the irony and timing
heyojessie heyojessie Dec 14, 2015
Everyone's saying they heard Morgan Freeman but all I can hear is David Attenborough 😂😂😂
FallenCrownOfSpades FallenCrownOfSpades Dec 04, 2015
I've read this before and I'm reading it again: ITS STILL HAS THE SAME EPICNESS!
Hatekolifeko12 Hatekolifeko12 Oct 16, 2015
I read this chapter out loud and that was so awesome! I am narating! (Imma crazy)