Pregnant but a virgin

Pregnant but a virgin

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GoldenVibes By HoneyBabyy Completed

'Mam , it seems that you're pregnant"Doctor Johnson spoke while looking down at his clipboard . My eyes grew huge as Tip gave me a death look .

"I feel that there's a lot of tense in the room right now , so I'll just leave you two your privacy"Doctor Johnson said as he exited out his office .

I turnt my attention towards Tip's , he wouldn't even look at me . How could I explain this ? No , I didn't cheat . I pulled his sweater and he angrily snatched his arm away from me . 

"Terrance , I can explain"I mumbled messing with my fingers . Nah , I really couldn't to be honest but it was worth a shot .

"I don't wanna fucking hear it ! I never cheated on you Chasity"he spoke calmly which made me feel calm . 

"If I told you , you wouldn't believe me"I answered truthfully .

"Fuck it"he spoke getting up to leave .

"Terrance , I promise to god I didn't cheat"I started ."I'm still a virgin-------" .....


*Short Novel*

LulGunna LulGunna Mar 02, 2016
I love this book because its not censoring anything that happens in relationship on everyday bases and its comedic.
QueenD_Is_The_Boss QueenD_Is_The_Boss May 07, 2016
Shut up got a problem  with  her  grammar  then stop reading  it
- - Aug 28, 2015
Virgins can get pregnant all they have to do is Go to a sperm donor