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Sherlock Sick Fics

Sherlock Sick Fics

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Fizz By missdeathfrisbee Updated Jun 16

Just a bunch of Sherlock sick fics. They're my guiltiest pleasure and I love reading them, and found that I get a lot of (rather dark) delight out of writing them. I hope you enjoy!

Time to start torturing the boys at Baker Street.

I'm sitting here laughing bc I was at a swim meet today and I was swimming backstroke. My coach started yelling for me to go faster and I saw her as I swallowed some water and just let out this loud honk in the middle of the swim as she was screaming at me. And I was just reminded of that
*sharpay Evans voice from HSM 2 @ the end of fabulous* 
                              Absolutely… NOT
Sk3tchgirl Sk3tchgirl Jun 17
You have to take him to the hospital. It doesn't matter if Sherlock wants to go or not, with that level fever it's LIFE AND DEATH
Oh no 
                              Not a teenager 
                              Anything but a teenager
                              Because teenagers scare the living shít outta me 
                              (Ayyyeee where my emo kids at)
Omg I thought it was in Fahrenheit, until I realized it's set in London. Stupid
Sherlock Holmes ... I think that 'churning in your stomach' is due to your unrefined feelings for John Watson.