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Sherlock Sick Fics

Sherlock Sick Fics

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Fizz By missdeathfrisbee Updated Feb 26

Just a bunch of Sherlock sick fics. They're my guiltiest pleasure and I love reading them, and found that I get a lot of (rather dark) delight out of writing them. I hope you enjoy!

Time to start torturing the boys at Baker Street.

*sharpay Evans voice from HSM 2 @ the end of fabulous* 
                              Absolutely… NOT
Oh no 
                              Not a teenager 
                              Anything but a teenager
                              Because teenagers scare the living shít outta me 
                              (Ayyyeee where my emo kids at)
Omg I thought it was in Fahrenheit, until I realized it's set in London. Stupid
One time I had a fever similar to that at school, so I had to call home and they somehow got me and some other girl mixed up and my dad thought they sent me back to class when I was actually asleep in the nurse's office.
lady_Rogue lady_Rogue Feb 17
Aweeeee Greg I love you so much. 😊😊 He's so sweet to Sherlock.
But if he was both dry and redressed and Sherlock couldn't stand on his own, who took off his wet underwear... ;)