Princes and Peasants

Princes and Peasants

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Phil Trash #2 By mariamdatfangirl Completed

What happens when Perseus Jackson, prince of the kingdom of Olympus, meets the peasant Annabeth Chase? 

Don't read it? You might never know...

Ps. This is a percabeth fanfic, but if you aren't a Percy Jackson fangirl/boy, don't worry, you will still understand and enjoy this fanfic! 

(This is my first book/fanfic so yea)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, Uncle Rick does!!!


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keithkogana keithkogana Jun 18, 2016
I'm pretty young too CX I always think since I'm so young my writing is bad, but I was you can be even more passionate when you're younger because your imagination is wild ,3,
plutosgenius plutosgenius Feb 11, 2016
You write really well. I am 13 too and I like your writing style!!!
- - Jun 29, 2016
but..but... u were supposed to make Annabeth live in a small but decent place with her family who ignores her!
Kindagothdo Kindagothdo Nov 30, 2016
Yours is WAY better than mine. One chapter looked more like a head cannon than a chapter 😂
Devika2003 Devika2003 Oct 18, 2016
I really like ur writing style, I'm 13 too and yours is much better than mine