His Majesty

His Majesty

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Bear_Singleton By Bear_Singleton Updated Oct 18, 2016

The wolf stalked towards me slowly and a grow escaped it's throat. I slowly stepped back and looked past at where it was standing

There was a lifeless body, my eyes widened and flashed back at the beast. I put my hands up as they began to shake

" please.."

It growled louder as it kept stalking towards me until my back pressed against an tree. Slowly slidding down to the base and began to cry 

"Please no.." 

The wolf lunged at me I closed my eyes.  There was a snarl then a loud thud I opened my eyes to see another wolf infront of me. 

This wolf was different from the other one. It's fur was pure black it's seemed to glean under the light of the moon and its eyes were a beautiful shade of blue with a scar across its eye. He was beautiful. 

All animals were beautiful to me but this wolf was beyond any normal animal. It stood in a fighting stance as the grey wolf rose to its feet and snarled.

More wolves jumped from behind the trees, standing near the black one growling and snarling. The wolf turned and ran, the others chased him. The black on turned and looked at me

"Thank you.." I knew he couldn't understand me but I said it anyway. He slowly walked up to me, his eyes flashed a lighter shade of blue with a bright spark.

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pretty8998 pretty8998 Aug 17, 2017
Of course he does don't people say your the true you when ur drunk
KenjiAckerman KenjiAckerman Dec 19, 2017
...this looks like how my family and I set our camp site last summer... O-o
kikagirl142003 kikagirl142003 Nov 24, 2017
Omg I wrote that on the board today 😂 my teacher said it wasn't bad but disgusting
maoriNZ maoriNZ Apr 29, 2016
Keep it as is, if you want to start it like this then leave it. Don't care if the chapters are short either as the story is good so far
bitchbrok-en bitchbrok-en Apr 09, 2016
I feel like these are the tents from the parent trap... no? Just me?
RosemarieWhitmore RosemarieWhitmore May 23, 2016
I like dee he's really funny ur friend must be really great.