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The Warrior Queen (Game of Thrones)

The Warrior Queen (Game of Thrones)

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blueskies-fireflies By blueskies-fireflies Updated Aug 13, 2015

"The sellsword? Fucked a whore? What of it?" Jaime Lannister laughed loudly, his green eyes amused. "Not a whore my Lord." The mam whispered back, his eyes hooded by his black cloak. "A Baratheon woman." Jaime's eyes widened slightly, although the amused glint was still there. "Baratheon woman? But.. Who?" "A cousin of King Robert." The small man whispered back to him. "Bronn and a Baratheon woman?" Jamie asked, his voice now serious. "Aye, my Lord. A dangerous one, they say. And to make matters worse, she's being fostered by the Tyrell's." 

Liesha Waters is one of many bastard daughters of Ser Bronn of the Blackwater. The only difference is that she had inherited the Baratheon fury, and the sellsword's skills in battle. Being raised by the Tyrell's gives her a distinct cleverness that can be achieved by spending years with Olenna Tyrell. When Eddard Stark is named hand of the king and Liesha moves to King's Landing, the bastard girl sees things for how they really in Westeros.

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