Michael Clifford Smut

Michael Clifford Smut

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Sana ✌ By Cliffordspizza95 Updated Jun 10, 2016

Your boyfriend Michael has been out for hours now,  he told you in the morning that he'll be at Luke's house but you couldn't sleep without him next to you so you kept waiting....you heard the door closes and Michael coming upstairs.  He came into the room and he looked really drunk 

"Michael " you look at him not being able to keep his balance 

"um hey... Babe hah howareeeyou " he tripped over and you ran to him 

"I told you not to get drunk tonight,  god,  come here" you helped him to get to the bed and you got his jacket off then he grabbed your arm and pulled you in so close 

"I miss you" he said and kissed you roughly,  it was slobbery 

"Michael " you moaned but tried to pull away cause you were scared,  he was drunk . He then laid you on the bed and got on top of you and kissed even harder this time and ripped your shirt off 

"ah sweet " he started kissing your neck going down to your breast.  You were really scared this time but decided to just go with it 


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