The Evans Twins {James Potter love story} *Discontinued*

The Evans Twins {James Potter love story} *Discontinued*

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@KaceyJenner By ElysiaDouglas Updated Jul 15, 2018

What happen if Lily Rose Evans had a twin sister and James Charlus Potter wasn't in love with Lily But her Twin sister Violet Daisy Evans. If Sirius Black was in love with Lily Evans, Nymphidora Tonks was the same years as the Marauders.

Follow the journey with Violet,James,Lily,Sirius,Tonks,Remus,Alice,Frank,Marlene and Peter in their Hogwarts days (Who hates peter because I do)

Aaron Johnson as: James Charlus Potter
Karen Gillan as: Violet Daisy Evans
Lily Collins as: Lily Rose Evan
Ben Barnes as: Sirius Orion Black
Daniel Radcliffe as: Harry JamesPotter
Enna Zingmark as:Rose Violet Potter

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MiniKitty27 MiniKitty27 May 15, 2017
THIS IS ALMOST MY WAND! I have a 12 3/4 dragon heart sting but it is Maple Wood.
allycatislovely allycatislovely Jun 20, 2017
Care of magical creatures would probably be my best subject tbh
RileyCedricPotter RileyCedricPotter May 25, 2018
Omg I almost cried from laughter when it said she doesn’t like Peter because he’s a creep and a perv 😂
MustSaveAllUnicorns MustSaveAllUnicorns May 06, 2016
Lol. I like how petunia's evil, and she has the name of an evil group for her middle name 😂😂😂
cinderhelmo cinderhelmo Mar 05, 2016
Snape.  Snape.  Severus Snape.  Snape.  Snape.  Severus Snape.
RarestGrace RarestGrace Dec 27, 2016
Why is it that Violet has no bad subject (which is quite a Mary Sue) and Lily is best at 'mostly everything'?