Lazarus Rising

Lazarus Rising

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T.L. Dorian By TLDorian Updated Dec 10, 2016

After the death of her aunt during the assassination of the President of New Europa, young Investigator Cheyenne Styx finds herself thrust into a conspiracy originating from sinister forces at work within Earths colonies on Mars and an extinct Martian civilization. 

Cheyenne joins with Charisa, a shape shifting Synthiod and Lazarus, a re-animated scientist from the Old World  in a race to uncover the darker side of  Mars' secrets. Visiting Mars she encounters strange cults, a dark beast held in the Labyrinth's, the ethereal Jörmungandr and the strange space-time 'Extensivity' portal- all bound together in an eternities old plot of revenge.  

Ultimately her search will lead to discovering her own, as yet unrealised powers and a pivotal role in determining the survival of all of humanity.

A traditional old style Sci-Fi story! 

               *** Thanks to BobJan70 for the really wonderful cover design ***

  • action-adventure
  • aliens
  • andriod
  • epic
  • heroine
  • invasion
  • mars
  • mystery
  • sci-fi
  • strong-female-character
  • super-powers
kasross kasross Feb 19
Gives new meaning to "suicide bomber" when elderly ladies come with explosives inside their bodies.
KevinAodha KevinAodha Jan 29, 2015
First story of yours I have read and I think I want to read more! :D
gordonjames gordonjames Dec 20, 2014
now that the way to start a story. you've already got me on the edge of my seat.glad your back.
OwainGlyn OwainGlyn Dec 18, 2014
The first of your work that I have read, and I may well be hooked.