Innocence OHSHC

Innocence OHSHC

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Nakoto Ayami, for five years her mother had a mental illness, to where Nakoto was forced to live independently and in the shadows, the only thing that kept her sane was a violet notebook to which she would write poems in. After losing the notebook, Nakoto meets with a club to which she finds her notebook, and maybe discover herself some new friends. The club contains an over dramatic blonde, a cold president, two mischievous red headed twins, indifferent cousins, and a cross dresser, otherwise known as the Host club.

Dedicated to my brother Michael for teaching me to be strong in the hardest of times


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That’s great 😁 
                              Also I can’t stop thinking of doki doki literature club... 😂😂😂
Holy shi- *passes out* 
                              Me writing a poem:
                              Roses are red
                              I'm on my bed
                              Everyones dead
                              And without a head
Sora-TheSky Sora-TheSky Oct 23, 2017
Line three of this stanza reminds me of 'Nothing Gold Can Stay'
This is beauty. This is grace. This will kick you in the- FREAKIN FEELS.
ShadowMoon66 ShadowMoon66 Oct 22, 2017
.......SemiQuadrant n Sythamber always say I am but idk y......
icecream20509 icecream20509 Mar 10, 2017
After reading the summary I realized ouran host club sounds pretty weird