Alpha's Abused Mate

Alpha's Abused Mate

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Riley Hershel has been pushed around by her pack and her own brother, Kyle. When Riley's mom and dad died in a rogue attack the abuse starts. On her 17th birthday Riley packs her things and leaves.

Asher Mitts has saved everything for his mate. He saved his first kiss, his virginity, and his life all for her. When a rogue goes on his land when he finds out that rogue is Riley and his mate.

Warning: Sexual content

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WolfCheetah WolfCheetah a day ago
Am I the only one who will only use a bed if it's a air mattress? I LOVE AIR MATTRESS'S!!
awww. i love how her wolf is caring to her atleast. see that's the best thing about wolfs theyre nice toward thier human sides.
I'm wondering why an abused person would have the luxury of having hot water.
UnfollowInactiveRN UnfollowInactiveRN Jul 16, 2016
Why do you love him, he hurt you, you should hate him, not love him
Sareena15 Sareena15 Jun 30, 2016
Really Nigga really ahh ** too lazy to type hahaha reading this now
Amity_Tree Amity_Tree Jul 20, 2016
With the tree looking like a tent I think the writer is talking about the trees that have there roots or the bottom open enough like a little shelter like thing. Some trees do that and if not than I am confused but I think I will stay with that idea