Did You Forget, For I Am Mad?

Did You Forget, For I Am Mad?

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Kazumi Moon By LovelyLullaby_x Updated Oct 05

Did you forget, for I am mad?
This world is just utterly and completely mad! ~ Annabel/The Mad Hatter ~

Have you ever wondered? If Slenderman had a niece? A mad niece? Who is the daughter of 'The Mad Hatter' himself? Well enough wondering my children!~ For you are going to find out!~ Welcome to my story!~ And my crazy and insane Wonderland adventure!~ ~Annabel/The Mad Hatter~


I do not own Creepypasta nor the characters from Wonderland.
I also don't own the pictures.
I only edit a few so they can fit the story better.
All credit goes to the original creators.
But Annabel and more OCs are my characters.
Please.. Enjoy the story. ~
Thank you.~

And not this character Annabel I freakin' mean Annabel the freakin' scary doll
This book is fab and im only on the first chapter. Nice to see creepypastas mixed with wonderland.  Cant wait to read on
Omg slender man is her uncle I'm dead Boi. I'm already in love with this book
TateHarmon TateHarmon Jul 01
Wait wait wait so that means that Slender Man, the Mad Hatter and the White Queen are all siblings?! ER mah gerd
Author good job on making a unique story plot... It gets boring reading the same idea just switched...... so GG!!!!!
Hi author or other people I don't know if you know this or  not but you have copied or have been copied on quotev it's exactly the same just different titles.