Did You Forget, For I Am Mad?

Did You Forget, For I Am Mad?

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Kazumi Moon By LovelyLullaby_x Updated Dec 17, 2016

Did you forget, for I am mad?
This world is just utterly and completely mad! ~ Annabel/The Mad Hatter ~

Have you ever wondered? If Slenderman had a niece? A mad niece? Who is the daughter of 'The Mad Hatter' himself? Well enough wondering my children!~ For you are going to find out!~ Welcome to my story!~ And my crazy and insane Wonderland adventure!~ ~Annabel/The Mad Hatter~


I do not own Creepypasta nor the characters from Wonderland.
I also don't own the pictures.
I only edit a few so they can fit the story better.
All credit goes to the original creators.
But Annabel and more OCs are my characters.
Please.. Enjoy the story. ~
Thank you.~

Dagger_freak_13 Dagger_freak_13 Jul 30, 2016
And not this character Annabel I freakin' mean Annabel the freakin' scary doll
Joshler_Peterick Joshler_Peterick Sep 08, 2016
This book is fab and im only on the first chapter. Nice to see creepypastas mixed with wonderland.  Cant wait to read on
love_amia101 love_amia101 Oct 11, 2016
Omg slender man is her uncle I'm dead Boi. I'm already in love with this book
Omg I just realized her and sally would be cousins cause slendy is both their uncle
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Jan 26
*chuckles evilly* yes, idea it is......*mad laughter* ...........oh shxt! Does almost 14 count as a child? Cause if so then that would be me XD
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Jan 26
*still not crying*erm...*pinches arm* *a single tear goes down cheek* better!.......(*mumbling* ow that fxcking hurt 😭 )