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chocoholic_28 By chocoholic_28 Updated Dec 27, 2016

"It'll be mandatory for you to be my personal assistant for a minimum of six months. Then, after those six months you may continue working with me or," he hesitates, but grits out my second choice, "you are free to go afterwards." 

"Why six months?" I don't think I'll be able to be around him for that long.

"It can always be arranged for more than six months."

"No!" I yell quickly. "Six months is fine."

"Once I acknowledged my watch was missing after you left, I wrote a contract of the expectations you have to fulfill. All you have to do is sign."

Being blackmailed to work for the most powerful billionaire in New York, now how does that work? 

Read to find out. ;)

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Cover: Me! :D

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[Language and mature content. Read at your own risk please.]

I hope you like it! :)

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sensationalgg sensationalgg Apr 13, 2018
Someone who understands me share their problem know when to leave me alone and gives me food
sassyisstrawberry sassyisstrawberry Oct 13, 2017
Wanting to kill them for stupid things but u don't cause you'll miss them 💙
Snehachii Snehachii Jun 25, 2018
Wow...I am dying to know what will happen....😍😍😀😀
whity123456 whity123456 Jun 07, 2017
Din experience it yet. So don't know. For me respect and trust is first then only next
Mystic_beauty2122 Mystic_beauty2122 Jun 09, 2016
Those are my definitions:😀😄😍😆😘😉😜😝😙😗😚😅😂👨👩👴👵👫👪💑💏👭
cookie_monster199 cookie_monster199 Jul 28, 2016
Hold on if Angel is the name of a boy should it be pronounced the same way as the boys name in Cheetah Girls?? @chocoholic_28