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🍾 By lambskewers- Completed

❝Park Jimin, my life became a horrible mess because of you!❞

+ a story in which two best friends' lives took a 180 degree turn after her best friend debuted 

© lambskewers-

stop reading this bcs i swear it's cringe for the first few chapters 

you've been warned

Please don't forget ma bestie (he's a bad bitch) IS
                              Attitude on straight savage (IS)
I have friends and people know that but I'm known as the quiet one and mom type so I tend to scold my friends in my class for doing things that are bad but I'm not like a mom to my best friend who is in another class. But I'm not a mom okay. Okay maybe a little bit *laughs nervously*
When I'm not with my friends people legit wonder if I'm mute
kookiesnocreame kookiesnocreame Nov 22, 2016
I ain't late, you're just too early as well as all the students in here