My YouTuber (Markiplier x Reader)

My YouTuber (Markiplier x Reader)

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You've just started your own YouTube gaming channel. You were inspired by your idol, Markiplier. One day you watch one of his videos and he's given you a shoutout! 

You feel honored just to have him say your name, but will there be more or is your only communication through YouTube videos? Read to find out!!

(I promise the actual story will be better than the description. I suck at summing up my stories into a little description box)

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My sis actually shares a b-day with him and they're friends on facebook!!
jinkxsed jinkxsed Sep 08
I'll just go with his birthday bc I already share a birthday with Ethan and Felix 😂
wishful thinking. Man, I would love to travel around the country like he does.
BrokenToy BrokenToy Nov 20
                              *Throws hands in air*
                              *Cat looks at me like I was a phycopath*
                              This actually happened 😂😂😂😂
Doushbag Doushbag Nov 20
Why is my YouTube name the same as my wattpad name? It just sounds like everyone is insulting me shouldn't of chose this name