Lady Dinero

Lady Dinero

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"Okay, baby girl,  I know you'll be successful. You were destined for greatness." my momma says, wiping the tears from her eyes. Today is the day. I graduated from high school a while back and got a scholarship to UCLA. I just landed in Los Angeles.  "Thank you. Don't cry, ma." I say, wiping her eyes. She laughs. "I'm so proud of you. You made it, baby." she says. "Yeah, I did." I say.

People always say a child with both parents in a home is more likely to succeed than somebody coming from a broken home.  I strongly disagree though.  I made it out of Terror Town in Chicago with only my momma in my life. For a seventeen year old black girl coming from where I'm from, I'm expected to have no diploma, be on welfare, and have at least two babies running around with different trifling baby daddies. But nope, I made it out the struggle with my single mother to thank.

"Listen to me. Don't you get off here on no bad foot, you hear me?" she asks. I nod my head. "I h...

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vvlovegreen vvlovegreen May 11, 2018
How the hell he get in the room? Is he like a CA? Or they didn’t close the door?
kyaii15 kyaii15 Jan 02, 2018
I can’t pronounce her name so I’ll jus call her ray and she better throw that pine sol at they ass
LoudMuch LoudMuch Aug 01, 2017
It isn't true People with two parents are sometimes spoiled and do think they need to try but most people with a broken home want to do better for themselves.