Mr. Player vs Ms. Tomboy

Mr. Player vs Ms. Tomboy

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"So my dear Asmaa" he took a step closer taking the strands that were at the end of my scarf in his hands twirling them around his finger. The distance between us was so close that his cologne was filling my nose and his smirk was driving me nuts. I wanted so badly to slap it off

"my lovely fiancé" he emphasized the word I began to hate and if looks could  kill, the one I am giving him now would have brought him to his knees "I heard that a tomboy never loves, hmm... is it right princess?" his face inched closer and I had a sudden urge to smack him  "do you want me to prove it wrong??" He spoke in a husky tone

"That's what's been said " I stood on my tiptoes and slowly stepped on his leg smashing it in turn "and I will gladly watch you do it" I made sure his feet turned numb before taking a step back "But be careful sweetie" with a smirk playing on my lips I spoke " cause as I heard, every player gets played!!" I winked at him and then left but not before blowing him kiss "my dear fiancé"


Asmaa Kadri is wild, reckless, modest, determined, stubborn, trouble maker and most importantly a tomboy. She tries as hard as she can to be a practicing Muslimah, but her reckless-boyish side always shows up and ruins everything!

Yazan Taha is handsome, possessive, egotistic, show off, stubborn and most importantly a player, a Muslim player who has nothing to worry or care about! he is after all, the bad boy of the school!

The two are simply two opposite poles that never meet, and if they ever did... imagine what would happen!

So what happens when the two are arranged into an engagement? Will the two opposite attract?? Will the player love? Will he get played? Will the tomboy fall? Or most importantly will it lead to... a marriage... maybe?





Wait they're only engaged so are they meant to be so close...? and alone, for that matter...? I'm so confused tbh
BadAss1776 BadAss1776 May 22
OMG! Loved this book! It's so amazing! May Allah give you loads of happiness and success!!!!
Second time I'm reading this story. Love love love this book
HayaLotfy HayaLotfy Jun 27
People who're saying that it haram and he can't be a player.. Please! As if it was cool to be a player for non Muslims. The author is being real, Muslims and non Muslims shouldn't make sins but it happens anyway, nobody's perfect.
I am soo excited about this book though am reading it for second time
No offence but all the stuff that happens in this book is against Muslim culture!!!! He can't be a fukin player and I guess he could seduce the gurl cause she's engaged to him but still btw I'm not tryin to be rude or anything no hates!