Cruel World

Cruel World

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With an unfortunate walker apocalypse upon you, your only choice is survival, with the only person you have left -- your best friend. With nobody else to look out for, nobody else to take care of either of you, any and all decisions are in your best interests, your survival. After saving some kind strangers from certain death, you make the acquaintance of one Carl Grimes, a boy in the group around your age. They extend their kindness onto you, letting you join the group then and there, and that becomes the decision that will keep you alive, thankfully. And as the days go by, you can't help but become a slave to the feelings inside of you that blossom for the cute, welcoming, boy in the sheriff's hat. The negligent, selfish, teenager inside of you finally coming to fruition, with her sights set on him. 

Neither of your inexperiences hinder your feelings between each other, because young love isn't something that goes down without a fight. Not even at the end of the world. 

*Sorry the story is actually a lot better than the description.*
Warning: Long ass chapters, adult situations (violence, basically), gore, intimate situations (barely), a lot of swearing, lot of emotions
I'd probably rate it PG-13 but does anybody care about those? (certainly not me) 
Have fun reading