His Little Angel

His Little Angel

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KelseyNick By KelseyNick Updated Jul 03, 2015

"If you scream my sweet little Angel I will kill everyone in this house." 

My mouth remained shut because I knew from experience that he kept his word.

He got on the bed and kissed from my jaw bone to the sensitive spot behind my ear. I whimpered from the pain and pleasure of it and thrusted my heat against his growing erection. Imagine it, me, a small town girl, turned into a slut for her stalker.

He ripped my shirt down the middle, exposing my breast to his scrutiny. I let out a ragged moan as my lower stomach clinched but my eyes teared up. 

I looked up at his masked covered face. "Who are you?" I questioned.

"I'm yours." His minty breath blew over me. With that he dived down and took my brown nipple into his warm mouth eliciting a sound of pure pleasure from my mouth.

He kissed down my toned stomach and pulled my cotton underwear down and looked up with a look of unadulterated lust before kissing my lower lips and muttering one simple word that sealed my fate.


Eeeew. Rules my parents have to follow for me: no kissing me, to hugging me, no I love you stuff, no awkward mushy gushy feelings stuff. I dont....I can't.....I'm honestly uncomfortable when people do this and jaldkgnfjdm. It feels weird
Bish- 'bout a week ago......hold up wait a minute just a week ago party every night, its the weeken' sooo...
                              No one????? Oh ok
Lol but honestly at least your parents are together and are there for you
Hello?!?! Did Yuh Not Get The Message Within His Response????