underage (zarry)

underage (zarry)

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Harry was walking around town, west London as usually and once again he sees Zayn riding his bike......and this time Harry couldn't control himself.

Zayn went into a little shop and Harry saw his opportunity. He followed Zayn into the little shop and bought a box of extra large condoms while Zayn only bought a muffin.

So Harry decided to follow Zayn home where he was hoping he could use those condoms....so after Zayn entered his home Harry waited about 5 min. Before knocking on the door and to his luck Zayn answered and Harry asked if anyone was home and Zayn responded "no it's just me" so Harry let himself and replied "o...well that's great wanna use these" Harry asked as he pulled out the extra large condoms "um..I'm only 14" Zayn responded "well that's not a problem is it sweetie" Harry said. And then Zayn ran upstairs to his room scared of what could happen if he stayed down stairs. "Zaynie come here it'll be okay" Harry said as he walked calmly upstairs. Harry knocked on Zayn's ...

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