Touch - Chapters 1-3

Touch - Chapters 1-3

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Home before sunset.  
Sleep before dark. 
Never go outside at night. 

According to the family curse, Tessa needs to find “the right boy” before her next birthday or she’ll be living by those rules forever.  It should be easy.  After all, with a touch, she can see her future with a boy...a future where he dies young.  She would do anything to get rid of her curse, except follow in her ancestors’ footsteps. 

Then, she meets Morik.  He's a demon and the reason behind the visions and the rules.  He long ago brokered a deal with Tessa's ancestors, and he's come to collect. 

Tessa has a choice to make.  Stand before Morik as her ancestors failed to do or continue to hide from what waits in the dark.  Her time to decide is running out.