Warriors -The Chosen Ones- ~Blue Haze~ (discontinued, being remade)

Warriors -The Chosen Ones- ~Blue Haze~ (discontinued, being remade)

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Chloe the nerd By Pokeevee101 Updated Jan 24, 2016

~~The Hazy Blue Will Show The Truth~~

Bluepaw Has A Gift. She Can See What Others Can't. With Her Heightened Senses And Ability To Tell If A Cat Is Lying, She Is Sure That ShadowClan Is In Good Paws With Her. But When Darkness Comes To The Clans, A Darkness Only She Can See, Can Bluepaw Save ShadowClan From It?

Icepaw Is Still Trying To Figure Out The Prophecy Yarrowpelt Has Given Her. But She Is Positive That Bluepaw Plays A Role Somehow...

NOTE: this is being remade as a new book, with better writing and a slightly different story.

Book Two Of The Chosen Ones
Cover by Destinedwarrior!