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CoCo By heyitscurly1994 Updated Jul 08

<<co-written fanfic>>

"Hush angel. Hush." A deep husky voice commands, a large finger placed tenderly against my chapped lips. 

"Don't." I plead whilst rotating my head sideways, refusing to view the black and white figure again. 

As soon as my face turns, hot breath breezes over my neck, a long trail of licks and kisses smother the cold skin. I breathe hastily, expecting it to be the end. I know what happens when girls are pulled into alleyways, I'm not stupid. 

"Perfect..." He mumbles against the nape of my neck, hair tickling my jawline. He begins to run his hands along my hips to my waist.

"You are going to be seeing more of me baby girl. You're mine now."

LarrySideBabe LarrySideBabe Jan 15, 2015
The imagine was amazing and now the story God damn I'm ready
lovelybelle_1 lovelybelle_1 Jan 12, 2015
That was really greatly detailed...as if we were there watching. Love it! ❤
hazza_1 hazza_1 Jan 10, 2015
This is fantastic , is the other boys will be in this fanfic???