Completed Werewolf Stories

Completed Werewolf Stories

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Leanna By lynndolphins Completed

Great Werewolf Stories that are completed

Really great werewolf stories that I read and are worth reading so enjoy

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If you would like me to read one of your favorite  or one of your own completed werewolf story please let me know

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Keen_00 Keen_00 May 05
@ItsMeJawel Try mo itong list men, iniisa isa ko ung mga books dito hahaha
Does anyone know the book where the female is very rebellious and this dying ladies kids choose her as there new mom and the alpha eventually gets her to at least tolerate him?
emilio_5476 emilio_5476 Jul 28
Does anyone know this book if so please tell me: this girl turns into a rogue but then she gets found by a pack. And meets the alpha called xavier. He has got brown hair and green eyes. Can't remember the girls name.  Then she gives him a blowjob
lilacjayx lilacjayx Aug 20
If you are interested you can check out my book I just wrote not that long ago it's called First Born by lilacjayx
Does anyone know the one where two girls get kidnapped by their mates one of the mates is an alpha and the other one i think is a beta or something. The one mated to the betas name is Annette?
Rerykhan Rerykhan Oct 21, 2016
You should add - My Little Alpha & I'm not Your little Alpha by Lalabean.