Hi, I'm Harry's Cousin (Ziall)

Hi, I'm Harry's Cousin (Ziall)

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Traumatic incidents happen. This one being Niall's mother passing away. Now he has to go live with his Auntie Anne. 

Harry isn't the little brat he used to be. He introduces Niall to his friends like a good cousin and little does he know as quick as he introduced them the quicker he'll have to pull them apart.

This is one of the suckeyst overviews I could ever make. Trust me I make good books don't let this overview stop you please read.

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loveann13 loveann13 Jul 18
tffff Also I like how harry was ready for the picture but Niall wasn't XD
Dude I don't say he's a pussy but I trip every time I even go out and I'm not even save in my house sooooooooo
loveann13 loveann13 Jul 18
                              I am literally yelling at myself 
                              *name is Ann*
Purest_Form Purest_Form Aug 09
Honestly me. I can never remember which names go to which uncle but never once have I confused my aunts
loveann13 loveann13 Jul 18
I just imagining him tripping up the stairs cuz he literally trips over air XD
This sentence has so much potential for funny comments 😂😂