Unbrokenworld: Malachite Canyon

Unbrokenworld: Malachite Canyon

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Carla By unbrokenworld Updated Jul 01, 2016

"I'm a killer.  Do you not understand what that means?  That means I killed someone."

"Thanks for clearing that up, Zara," Jade said.

"So then what the hell are you two morons still doing here?"

They didn't answer.  Jade looked amused for some stupid reason.  Jonus calmly held her gaze, his coppery brown eyes disarmingly perceptive.

"You're idiots," Zara said.  "Both of you."

The year is 3997 C.E.  The world is not the place it once was.  Flooding and natural disasters have left the human populations decimated, the landscape unrecognizable.  Determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past, those who survived have allowed nature to re-claim their cities.  Their roads and highways and power lines.  For hundreds of years, they have lived off the land in relative peace and safety.

But, where humanity is concerned, peace can never last for long.  And war is brewing on the landmass once known as North America.

Caught in the middle of the chaos, eighteen-year-old Zara finds herself separated from her family and drafted to fight alongside the understaffed military.  Haunted by a violent past, angry and suspicious of nearly everyone she meets, Zara has no interest in becoming a pawn in someone else's war.  She has even less interest in making friends with her fellow recruits--an irritating young woman who asks way too many questions, an underage runaway who reminds Zara uncomfortably of her brother, and a young man who appears to see straight through the armor Zara has spent years building up around herself.

As circumstances drive her farther and farther from home--and deeper and deeper into a war that has nothing to do with her--Zara is faced with demons from her past that she would rather keep buried.  But, infinitely worse, she's faced with the idea that she might have to trust the people around her in order to survive.

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  • science
  • war
mimangsha mimangsha Mar 02, 2017
U seriously r a  badass writer with amazing imagination power
8alligators 8alligators Apr 25, 2016
This story is really incredible! Be it only the start im so exited to see what you come up with, i love all your works and this is no exception!
MrZeppo MrZeppo Jul 15, 2016
Nice opening with a mellow but strong pace and character development into.
csimm99 csimm99 Aug 06, 2016
Ok so I just reread the first book and JOAN AND ZARA ARE COUSINS!? I did not see that coming, especially with how Joan treated Zara in the sadanist camp.
gracie1950rogers gracie1950rogers Jan 03, 2017
I notice on the previous page that the last update was July of 2016, are you planning on finishing this story? Cause if not I will not continue .
csimm99 csimm99 Apr 25, 2016
Yay I've been waiting so long for an update and now I'm really happy! Thank you!