Were We Ever Meant To Be (Sequel To ATGL)

Were We Ever Meant To Be (Sequel To ATGL)

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Britney By Notorious_Writer Updated Dec 30, 2015

Amira's P.O.V.

I knocked on Jeanie's door. She opened a couple minutes later. My kids ran up and hugged her by her legs. She patted them on their back

" Nice to see y'all agian! Come in."

" Sorry Jeanie no time. Gotta get to work."

Jeanie rolled her eyes. Shit I don't like the place either but she complains about it more than I do.

" Make ya money girl." Was all she said before closing the door on my face

I sighed and began to walk out of the apartment complex.

Jeanie is my next door neighbor, she reminds me so much of Mama. God rest her soul...

I met her when I first moved her. We were friendly. Brief hello and conversation. We became closer when I called an ambulance for her when she had a heart attack.

Ever since than we became good friends. Was there with me when the twins were born.

My duaghters name is Jayda Monica Martin. My sons name is Jaiden Christopher Martin.

They were born March 24 and our three years old, turning four in a couple months.

I got in my car and dr...

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It’s about to be TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE * Bernie Mac voice
nobodys_somebody04 nobodys_somebody04 Dec 19, 2014
@virgoNpurple he needs to watch out or he gone be missing body parts