Fairy Tail: Voices

Fairy Tail: Voices

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It was an average day in Magnolia. Children playing. People chatting and not to forget the fire dragon slayer eating an entire restaurant out of food. 

But in the Guild a certain Mage was sucked into a book. 


Startled Lucy looked up from her book to see Levy smiling. Gajeel behind her

"Hey Lu-chan I was wondering if you would like to join Gajeel and I for dinner!" Levy exclaimed excitement ringing in her voice. 

"Ah.. Sorry Levy-chan but I really want to finish this book! It's really good! I'll lend it too you after I'm finished!" Levy nodded understandingly and ran off with Gajeel. Lucy sunk back into her chair her thoughts clouded by the words of her book.

It's not okay! No you can't! No! 

Lucy widened her eyes. The voice in her head wasn't hers. It sounded like Natsu's voice but softer and higher; less-raspy. She shook it off. (A/N italics=Strangers voice in her head// Bold= her own thoughts)

It's okay you're not like your mom you're stronger.

Chills ran ...

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sprinklesandstuff sprinklesandstuff Sep 13, 2015
watch put, we got a mini Elsa... we need an Anna, and Olaf!!!
lonelydemons lonelydemons Apr 02, 2015
Children playing, having fun, it's the season for love and understanding