CINDE, The Kings Mate. (boyxboy) [COMPLETE]

CINDE, The Kings Mate. (boyxboy) [COMPLETE]

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Chubby and Blue By BigNeptune Completed

Cinde, that's his name. A slave to his family and to anyone he might know.

When the eclipse comes to town the werewolf kingdom's only hope at surviving is gathering in the castle, where a shard of moon rock is perched high, graceful in its standing.

When he is banned from the ball however the only thing he can do is sneak in despite his family's knowledge.

Everything is going fine, that is until he runs into the king, and finds out they are mates... Then attempts runs away, which does not make King Veldore happy, not at all.

"King's don't get rejected Cinde,
Alpha's don't get rejected."


Saphira2286 Saphira2286 Apr 24
This sounds so good,thank you for writing it!! I'm so excited to read it!!
I actually read it 'banging'... no, no, I'm not perverted... I just have a sexy mind... *smiles innocently
Bitch please we are strong omega and I will shave you.
                              I love this story 😍😍😍
senjuku senjuku May 30
Wait, don't eclipses last for like a few minutes? Or I might be wrong, idk
senjuku senjuku May 30
Wait, so is the king as of right now in the story, the former king's brother or something??? I'm---
_umwhat_ _umwhat_ Jan 16
I honestly don't remember if I finished this book but hey,I'm back :)