Nanny #100

Nanny #100

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a ninja By writer168 Completed

Itachi's getting restless. His son, Sasuke, has driven away every single nanny he's ever hired. But when Naruto, their butler, brings a friend to become Sasuke's new nanny, has he found his savior or his own personal nightmare?

Rewrite of "She's the 100th Nanny" (2012)

Cover made by Omney_Pie

Sasuke-kun, too much words with /'/ Its making me dizzy! Hahaha!
Naruto's a butler.... bad choice, but he'll look sexy in a butler outfit though,
Literally what I would say before I'd start working as a nanny again during the summer while in highschool. Id start crying by the time it reached a week before school cause at least then I could actually sleep and not fight one or more kids on nap time or bed time.
BillionaireWeather BillionaireWeather Jan 06, 2015
                              <--------I mean just look at dat face.
                                           Dat dace tho. (My profile pic.)
BillionaireWeather BillionaireWeather Jan 06, 2015
IM SHO MAD A MYSELF! Not that long ago you said to look out for the new rewritten version of 'the 100th nany' and i told myself i was gonna check it out to see if its out constantly, but i DIDNT! Ughh... I then saw it was already out and i got sho mad at me self.
pinkishemerald pinkishemerald Dec 29, 2014
Yes i love this one and i think it will be much better than before, i'm glad that you dont give up this story :)