The Alpha and His Leopard (mxm)

The Alpha and His Leopard (mxm)

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MissNauti By MissNauti Updated Jun 28, 2016

A routine border inspection led to the discovery of a Werecat; a hurt and volatile snow leopard. The alpha is shocked to discover that this unstable creature is his mate. It would be all rainbows and sunshine if he could tame his kitty and manage to integrate his wild leopard into the pack.

But of course, that is easier said than done.

This is a mxm story so if you feel uncomfortable reading this type of story, kindly leave. There will be softcore scenes of D/S. All of my works are copyrighted. If you would like to make a short story or one shot based on any one of my characters, permission has to be granted by me. Otherwise legal action might have to be taken. Happy reading!

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MapleLullaby MapleLullaby Nov 28, 2017
Eh I’m more scared of cats than wolves and dogs o3o. Cats don’t make death quite easy they got to make sure you know who’s boss.
childofSokka childofSokka Oct 21, 2017
Good to know that pretty much everyone thinks body hair is disgusting as well
hi ppl who might read this comment ♡ so I’ve written a lgbtq story, about two teenage boys and would really appreciate any feedback so if you think you’d be interested, feel free to check it out ♡
"-I have candy in the back of my truck." ⛟🐆🐺🙄🍑🍆
parsnip1980 parsnip1980 Jan 24
I'm assuming you mean with his head, not that he's a 10 year old with stubby arms.
Everybody is like "Ew that's nasty, shave it off." And I'm like "Sometimes chest hair is very sexy as long as you don't have to much of it." Like seriously some people can pull it off.