Bullied [5sos]

Bullied [5sos]

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My sexuality is 5sos By zoeycane Completed

Alex finds her way to a new school, moving from California's finest state to the big apple,knowing no one but the therapist.

A warm welcome from any of the pupils in school would have been necessary, but as the days gathered on, she knew there was none to come, until someone decides to step up.
After this, things start to get mad. And only then does she realise how messed up her life is.
[spread over the space of a week, this story tells the unfortunate events of Alex walton.]

Contains mature themes©

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khaIid khaIid Jan 27, 2016
ok like, I like bacon (because it tastes good) but I also hate it because I live pigs and I don't like it when people kill animals
JMTX12922 JMTX12922 Dec 11, 2016
I'm so happy that someone else called it a house coat! I'm always told it's wrong and that i should say dressing gown
sugamamajin sugamamajin May 21, 2016
Watch Brittany become one of the guys gf and they bully her altogether
Cxstaway_Cliffxrd Cxstaway_Cliffxrd Jan 24, 2017
I love bacon and basically all meat but I feel sick whenever I eat it because I feel bad for the animals so I plan on becoming a vegetarian
Cxstaway_Cliffxrd Cxstaway_Cliffxrd Jan 24, 2017
50% thought of English Love Affair and the other 50% thought about Liz😂
JoyAnneC JoyAnneC Aug 20, 2016
Ew tf
                              She shouldn't have whined and just went for it 😒😷